With Glowing Hearts

GardaWorld joins With Glowing Hearts Reservist Support Initiative

GardaWorld has recently been welcomed into the With Glowing Hearts initiative for their support of Reservists in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

Initiated by the Canadian Forces Liaison Council volunteers in Alberta, With Glowing Hearts recognizes employers in Canada for having reserve-friendly military leave provisions as part of their Human Resources policy—demonstrating their understanding that reservists are not only part-time soldiers, sailors and aviators who are committed to serving their country, but also exceptional employees who make a positive contribution in the workplace.

The Canadian Armed Forces provide Reservists with world-class training to develop key skills which form the foundations of a professional Reservist and also an invaluable employee. Reservists are skilled and talented people who are part-time soldiers, sailors and airmen/airwomen. Employers benefit from their training and abilities such as leadership, teamwork, discipline, initiative, determination, problem solving, and the ability to work under pressure.

With glowing hearts, we stand together supporting our community and country.